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Our courses are...

  • Highly practical

    With thought-provoking exercises on every topic

  • Personalised

    You choose whether you learn with a cohort, or by yourself.

  • Granting a certificate

    Earn a Certificate of Completion to become a certified SROI practitioner

What people say about us


Start-up coach, Alterna

“As a startup coach I thought a lot about the optimal way to learn about impact management and Efiko turned out to be the best online course I can recommend.”


Sr. Sustainability Consultant, EY

”I work with clients of all sizes that know that sustainability and impact become paramount within their strategy and reporting practices. Efiko allows me to combine theory and practice, in order to advise them in an efficient and impactful way.”


Associate consultant, Alvarez & Marhal

“I progressed along my learning goals far beyond what I ever thought I would on impact measurement.”

It isn't a natural thing.

Achieving positive impacts requires more than good intentions only. It requires education and experience to appreciate the needs of society, stakeholders and our ecosystems. Impact Education is as critical for the XXIst century as Business Education was for the XXth century.